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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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together. >> let's get started with the weather. good morning. the view from the camera in miami and looks quiet, dark we are dealing with the strong -- east breeze carried in cloud coverage of the atlantic as well as some sprinkled and light showers. these are fast movers. oakland park we had some rain as well as the rack and some showers around the upper keys. the action has simmered down. it is dry now but the breeze is stronger compared to yesterday. gusts over 25 miles per hour a little warmer than yesterday. highs in the upper 70s this afternoon and some stray shower since we have the strong east breeze. high risk of recurrence will continue. looking at the national map
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severe weather. traffic. i-95 southbound has completely cleared. with the left lane blocked. that has been on southbound and northbound lanes are (an injury avenue. on red road 57th avenue, south of court way 24th st. the district have 24th st. you will see the accident parcel blocking the roadway. and miami gardens drive. couple blocked lanes. he said the shooting and death of my dog meant nothing. he was just an animal. police. the dog owner says the ground at the officer and he opened fire.
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the property had no consent. >> police say they were serving an arrest warrant and that family is mourning the loss of their pet. >>reporter: the dog owner says that god was doing what dogs do, protecting home turf and parking -- parking for behind the fence. they went on despite the property and saw the doctor one of the pictures in the story may be disturbing. the garcia family is mourning the death of their dog charlie. patrolling his yard monday morning when officers from the miami-dade police department showed up looking for someone. >> if someone comes in the house that he doesn't know he is going to buy. mac charlie, a two-year-old american bulldog were next to
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growled. >> my mom repeatedly said don't come inside. there is a dog let me put him away from >>reporter: for some reason the officer to the g that garcia said. one of the officer shot charlie in an attempt this is a photo of charlie before he died. darcy at his mother are furious over charlie's death and we officers handled the situation. i asked the cop, he shot my document he looked at me and said no i wanted to scare him. i said there is blood on my porch, i must have taken it. connect the family took the cell phone video showing officers in the front yard looking for something after the shooting possibly showcasing. garcia said the officer showed the mother a picture of the man they were looking for. a black man with dreadlocks and they said no one fitting that description lives here. that we don't know if he's a leader paperback family said
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and showed a beware of the dog sign they put up. the police said they were at the address to serve a warrant elaborate. garcia believes the officer should have known there was a dog in the yard and should have tried to use nonlethal force. >> you don't walk into a house dog. that was a rookie move. let the family says they are considering a lawsuit. try 25 police department says they cannot comment internal affairs is looking into it. they say no police officer wants to harm or kill anyone animal. live from northwest miami. not to developing story out of california where nine people were injured. a train derailed. the large tree fell onto the tracks during heavy rain causing the train to derailed. what are the cars fell into a creek and rescue crews were able to evacuate all the passengers safely. the train was traveling from
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central california to san francisco bay with jordan 14 passengers on board. authorities say it is a miracle that no one was killed. developing miramar police need your help in locating katelyn king, 14 years old. she was dropped off a new renaissance middle school and never came home. she is a 5 foot 5 feet inch girl . she was last seen based pet, old speakers white polo and multicolored blouse. she is in need of medication or if you know where she is called police. consumer alert deputies say a man offered candy to a five euro girl and sexually assaulted her -- five- year-old girl. lemont mayweather has been charged with sexual battery. deputies say he targeted the little girl in a laundry room
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building plan district. he was denied bond. the abuse believe he may have offered candy to other children. if you have any information call crimestoppers 954-4932. voters in michigan mississippi hawaii idaho will head to the polls proprietors are caucuses were 150 republican delegates up for grabs the democrats are choosing candidates into understates it don champion has more. campaigning and mississippi monday night donald trump kept ted cruz in his crosshairs. >> wired ted cruz who is a liar . >>reporter: trump lead to increased by 80 delegates and to crews that he is the only candidate that can be tried. >> if you vote for anyone else it is effectively a vote for
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>>reporter: john kasich says he is on home turf and expect to do well. set the things i want to say our solution oriented. i want to tell people how we >>reporter: marco rubio using automated get out to vote calls robbie. the democratic side clinton delegates. monday night. but the sooner i can become your nominee the more i can begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >>reporter: sanders told a crowd sunday's debate when she accused him of being at him -- against the auto industry bailout in 2008. >> of course i voted to defend the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was a middle-class a bailout for the crux on wall street. >>reporter: michigan election officials expecting record
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donald trump being up on marco rubio in this ad zeros in on rubio's poor performance record and spending issues. the gop front-runner we back on the campaign trail in south florida today and will hold a press conference at jupiter at the trump national golf club. new poll numbers are not pleasant to look at for marco rubio. a new poll shows donald trump primary voters. it comes in florida is considered do or die for rubio. the rest of the field is way scientific at 10%. florida is a winner take all
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grabs.>> the sun sentinel says for the first time in its history it cannot find a candidate worth endorsing the the editor of the editorial says the paper but none of the above in the republican primary purchase and marco rubio cannot make the cut because of his poor record in the us senate. >> we endorsed marco rubio for the senate and have been disappointed by his performance said he got to washington. most immediately after that he started running for president. he has hardly been seen in florida since the (producing marco rubio? the sun sentinel calls trump dangerous. on the democratic side bernie sanders campaigns says the vermont senator. will be in miami is sanders is planning a rally doors open at 430 doors open at 4:30 pm and sanders will take the stage later in the evening.
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voting times and locations had to tran10/campaign 2016 stay with cbs4 news for continuing coverage. south korea says they will sanction 40 individuals and 30 organizations and north korea as part of a unilateral measures following the north's recent nuclear test. nothing comes a day after north korea warned a preemptive nuclear strikes in response to the start of annual south korean us military drills for the south korean government said it will also ban the entrance of any ship which is stopped a north korean port in the previous 180 days. for people facing criminal charges for the disappearance of a one euro .0 the weekend. logan hernandez has been found a safe and his mother detained by the child caregiver says she woke up in the middle of the night and he was content now
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with the child's grandmother are charged with what cost say was a hoax. they all of allegedly new logan's mother boarded a bus with him on saturday to text for a judge ordered logan to state foster care -- care. terminally ill patients that have access to marijuana but very first time in florida if a new bill is signed into law by rick scott. the bill which was approved by the senate yesterday with allow patients to use a non-euphoric string of cannabis. the bill solidifies a system that could give growers a head start on a larger market. if signed into law this would and your delay in making medical marijuana available in the state. coming up incredible the video of a truck launching off i-95 and plunging 75 feet. jury awards erin andrews millions of dollars after she was secretly recorded naked in a video posted online.
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hulk hogan testifies in a courtroom. trending toward cuba gooding junior wild night of dancing. it is windy in terms of whether we are talking wind gusts from 25 to 26 miles per hour. dangerous rip currents, rough
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i95 let's start off with a live look those at the northbound lines at griffin road . luckily no major issues out there. accidents or lateral construction, red road we see some crashes, 57th avenue, south of quarrel way and injury accidents partially blocking the roadway and on red road north of a 26 another accident on hundred and 67th st. and red red print 17 minutes on the turnpike and not too bad in terms of the drive times in 288
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happy tuesday. we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds from fort lauderdale camera and that will be the deal to have a strong easterly breeze and some of the clouds producing a few showers. fast movers. the rain chance remaining load similar to yesterday just what we have the wind flowing off the ocean that can put moisture off the atlantic and carry it on shore. as the zoo and you can see we have rain earlier and oakland park and tamarac but right now it is strike. just hasn't sprinkled across the upper keys and the n the wind is stronger in comparison to yesterday. 18 miles per hour , winds anywhere from 23, 26 miles per hour . we are milder and humid with low 70s across the board. we should wake up to 64 degrees.
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england is colder there into atlanta. it is feeling like spring across much of the midwest and down through southern plains with the 70s and 60s through kansas city. in sharp contrast 20s and 30s behind the front around denver and albuquerque and right along the front we have the contrast mss we can see severe weather stretching from texas to oklahoma. potential for hale and tornadoes even for portions of the deep south and midwest. the west coast is getting soaked. in south florida it is about the wind while high pressure remains in control it can be gustier tomorrow and will see breezy conditions later this week and warmer weather as well into the weekend. warm and steaming with spotty
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highs in the upper 70s. current continues. don't go swimming, avoid it if possible. small craft advisory. upper 60s tonight. warmer, wendy and highs in the low 80s. -- in different talking with jojo. good morning. >> good morning. i have to ask before get into sports how much longer does lisette have before she has the baby? >> she is ready. she has to, three weeks, she comes earlier. she looks great.
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>> let's talk about tennis. chipola admits to drug testing but she does what she was taking was for health purposes. do you believe her?>> will i believe her because she is really pretty? no way. i thought maybe it was the flu she had because serena williams owns her and has been her 18 straight times this is a drug used to have better endurance come help you play longer in a higher -- same story but it is developing stronger have a better endurance. we heard this from so many male athletes and now getting it from the pretty female athletes. everybody is putting her for telling the treatment hope she gets suspended for a long time but everyone else. >> she will fill it in her bank account. nike says it will spend the relationship all the investigation continues.
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>> out. -- ouch >> panthers lose again. is there that >> a reason for concern. games. >> last night did not get off to a good start. first.. they end up making a nice comeback that there is no question about it a lot of the good teams are on a go. tampa bay has been hot, boston is playing better and they have caught up. it is about hanging in getting in the season. panthers are not playing the past. we haven't really spoiled with great gold tending and roberto has been really good got off to a horrible spot montoya came in and save the day.
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have to play better at home.>> hopefully they will. thank you. a big payout for erin andrews. a jury awarding $55 million in a civil lawsuit the centers around secretly recorded videos of her. cbs4 brooke has more. eric enders quietly nodded as she learned the verdict. 55 million eric enders quietly nodded as she learned the verdict. $55 million in damages split between michael david barrett, the man who created secret nude recording and owner and operators of the hotel where it happened. defense lawyers argued there is solely responsible for the jury attributed 49% of the blame to the hotel. interval testimony last week and was described the long
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>> the worst is when girls, high school, college between me and say i want to be aired enders except for the marriott stalker thing. i can't control that. that is every day. left after the verdict defense lawyers said this type of thing would happen today. >> the hotel industry changed as a result. that in a statement on twitter enders gave thanks to the support of other victims, their average sl may be able to stand up and hold accountable those whose job it is to protect everyone's safety, security and privacy. eric enders personally thanked jurors after the decision. a couple of them hunter and one asked for an autograph. struck a civil case between cogan and the website gawker continues in st. petersburg. hogan is suing sex tape hundred million dollars for publishing a sextet -- sex tape.
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said how he felt something was wrong and asked if they were being taped.>> tmz called me and said there is a rumor that might be a tape out there. it was the first time i heard a rumor. >> to you remember what year? -- do you hogan says the tape was made without his knowledge and claiming it has caught the emotional distress. coming up a shirtless cuban including junior parties it up in miami beach. a dog is pulled from a local now.
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happened when out of control the white house announced michelle obama will attend the funeral of former first lady reagan. the public is welcome to attend and pay respect funeral
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morning. ms. reagan will be buried at the library next to her husband. let's check in with vanessa for the hot topics. cuba gooding junior has us in all with the people versus o.j. simpson but today it was his performance on sunday that has everyone talking. gooding junior was spotted partying and live nightclub alongside several notable celebrities and it is safe to say cuba knows how to have a good time. he took off his shirt put it on his head and danced, sang and took a bite out of someone's cell phone. >> kim kardashian stripped-down tweeting out this picture that we had to crop. she is completely nude. not everyone is abuse.
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kardashian tweeted a new selfie . if they want us to see a part of her we have never seen she has to swallow the camera. kim responded with not so nice things to say including it is past your bedtime. >> this'll make you laugh or cry. a video going viral showing teens reacting to the retro technology windows 95. >> when you boot up to get your snack? >> windows 95. this was before my time. >> prehistoric. an old dinosaur. >> we have a room of dinosaurs. most of us know windows 95 very well but many millennia never experienced the joy of listening to the sound of trying to connect to the internet through their phone lines.
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our facebook page and let us know what is your favorite story of the day. that is what is trending. i will go cry now.>> i am with you. nor donald is joining us. we're at the scene of the train derailment and donald trump will join us from palm beach. we'll ask about the controversy. also scott kelly shares how he is recovering from his year in space. he is having a hard time. and charlie shows us the big weekend in cuba. cbs this morning to excel
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let's check on our weather. it is quite windy. >> it is from you can see it from our wind jammer camera. the camera is shaking all over. look at the surf. it looks messy and dangerous and rough. stay out of the water. spring breakers beware. we don't want to go swimming today. the palm trees are swaying. it is cloudier this morning as compared to yesterday. if you sprinkled and light showers. for the most part it is dry. the wind is stronger of the east pumping and moisture, humidity milder and my gear. highs will climb to the upper 70s this afternoon. with the on short brief some stray showers and warmer the
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detailed and complete forecast coming up. check with traffic. 6:31 am is about to grab the keys take a look on the palmetto it will be slow on the w. valley dr. turned into the southbound with the big curve on a 26. rush-hour traffic approaching. some accidents by the palmetto at 826 and read road and 1 67th st. accident partially blocking the road and the accident on read road. the dissent avenue the dissent avenue, south of core away 24th st. partially parts off and slows travel time 22 minutes on the turnpike from 288 at two 874. incredible video of a truck plummeting off an overpass.
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below in jose marti park. more on the dramatic video. we are on the offramp. watch for the white paint. this is what happened right here february 15. a camera in the garbage truck captured it all as they plummet 75 feet off the offramp into jose marti park. the end result cars wiped out, huge mess. building damage. >> he fell 75 feet into the park. he is a lie. >>reporter: -- trinity at the wheel truck bounces off the guardrail twice and then kaseem smith overcorrected and the huge truck crashes through the reinforced concrete barrier.
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windshield shatters and then the camera catches it all straight down into the park right into the asphalt between center. on. how he landed down in the park along with the truck and he survived is short of a miracle. met after the video you can see the driver of the truck crashes the guardrail and the truck began to roll. he seems to disappear out of the side of the truck. did he go down with the truck or fall outside connect well protected him in the spectacular plunged? said kaseem smith out of the hospital is not talking to >> we are targeting with careless driving and not >>reporter: city of miami issued a statement saying the camera technology works and it is helping them resolve this
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to a cbs4 news exclusive like bandits on the run after ripping off hightower principals. this happened late sunday night investor dolly bicycle shop near cypress creek. crooks used a long prybar to break open the back door. it took them two minutes for burglars to race in and grab 60 carbon fiber bikes are the bikes were tossed into a stolen roofing company truck. he had any information that can help the crux call crimestoppers 944-93 tips. a teenager charged with the murder of the rabbi. a judge said he will take more time to consider the state's position. the prosecutors are
6:35 am
for 15-year-old deandre charles is asking for him to be put on house arrest that he claims the dna evidence we control to the crime could match several other people for the team is accused of killing the rabbi in 2014 as he walked to a synagogue. aulden retriever safe this morning after fire rescue rescued it from the canal. passenger saw the dog swimming and a call for help and they realized the dog cannot get out. rescue crews rushed to the scene where you can see a firefighter jobs in just in time to save her. the dog was taken to miami dade animal shelter to see if she has a check. to worry about making breakfast will tell you how to get free pancakes. -- do not worry. these up break into a convenience store in which the incident out of the ground. police make an unusual stop when you pull over a driver with a tree sticking out of the car.
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i95 54th st. lots of cars and trees where they are supposed to be on the southbound side all the layers are open but a slow dry because -- drive because of the traffic. we will talk about accidents and hopefully none of them involve trees. bus stop forecast shows milder breezy start in the 70s this we had threatened day highs in the
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you will notice that google doodle today for women today. joe wagner is live. >>reporter: apple have to pay $450 million to settle the case
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money will go back to customers. yesterday the supreme court said it will not hear apple deal. there is a special google doodle in honor of international women's day google went to 13 countries to complete the sentence one day i will. the video is on the website for one girl wants to open her own lab and another wants to make sure all girls can go to school. i don't know about you but i am hungry. i am thinking about breakfast at we can have breakfast all day. >> i am always hungry. it is national pancake day. i have is giving away free flapjacks from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm the chain is asking customers to leave a donation to the children's miracle network hospital for the campaign has raised nearly $20 million since 2006.
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i invite everyone to breakfast is on me. you are so generous. that is so thoughtful of you. no butter. lots of syrup. i can go for blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes many of you enjoying a cup of coffee. we are in it together. looking live from the camera lauderdale-by-the-sea. service looks much more rough this when compared yesterday it is quite dangerous. nothing anyone swimming up there and a heads-up for those of you enjoying spring break beachgoers today you want to avoid going in the water as with the dangers recurs that will continue through tomorrow. you can see the wind is so strong and shaking out camera
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are seeing it is cloudy as well. that is due to the strong east breeze. certainly a little gloomier compared to yesterday. and fast-moving showers nothing the radar is quiet but keep in mind can see speedy showers throughout the day of the the rain chances low. the wind is gusting over to visit moscow are the milder lows. 70s across-the-board waking up to the low 60s throughout the day. highs in the upper 70s and 30s and 40s across new england northeast mid-atlantic it is feeling like spring across the south and interventions at the northwest with the 60s and 70s behind the front 20s, 30s and 40s and the clashing is leading
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texas, oklahoma and living in the west and mass on the west coast for us wending into tomorrow, gustier with hypertension control and will fight off to the east and later this week thursday, friday sunshine and breezy and we will stay warm and humid. spotty storm spent for today talking highs in the upper 70s and it will stay breezy and we see the dangers high risk of recurrence with the flag flying and not a good day for boating. small world advisory. upper 60s tonight breezy and cooler inland but will warm up the rest of the week highs in the low to mid 80s staying predict the weekend. let's get a check on your traffic. brouwer looking good the i- 95 northbound halite -- headlights will be heading southbound. miami-dade if you accidents. i-95 northbound dolphin expressway from a partially blocked.
6:44 am
avenue. on-site treatment accident 57th avenue, south of quarrel they were 24th st. blocking red- blooded physics minutes on the turnpike. look at the arrows indicating a slower drive that is the northbound beautiful 288 two 874. if start off that will to 20 minutes. florida father is being called a hero for he stopped a flying back from hitting his son. sean cunningham raised his arm deflecting the bat cunningham says the sun wasn't paying attention when the bat flew into the stands. >> it happened so fast i didn't have time to think about it. once i realized it was heading for us and specifically my son i threw my arms out and tried to block it the best i could. >> i felt something hit me and
6:45 am
it went flying and hit my shoulder right here >> the data suffered some bruising on his arm otherwise he is fully. caught on camera pleased with an atm out of the ground for you can see the truck and wants that did work surveillance cameras i chose the truck smashed through the front doors and the fees will be atm onto the bed of the truck and took off. detectives believe they knew the layout of the store and were fully prepared to pull the machine. a wild scene in illinois police plover a woman with a tree sticking out of her car. you can see the trait was upright in the car's grill. the driver told police she didn't remember striking the tree. she has been charged with drunk driving.
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there?>> nope she didn't remember hitting it. a nine-year-old south florida girl taking on a challenge that is not easy. >> the battle fraud competition. -- frog
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jupiter and sanders (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
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our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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healthwatch started reported the first of its kind in the us a uterus into a woman who was unable to have children. lindsay was without a uterus and was told that she would not be able to have children. the groundbreaking nine after surgery was performed last month involved removing a healthy uterus from a deceased healthy women of reproductive age. it was then called and transported and integrated into the recipient. then he will have to wait a year before trying to get pregnant for in vitro fertilization the doctor say after one or two pregnancies they will remove the uterus a lindsay as not on the drugs all her life.
6:50 am
girl pianist competitor a 24 hour obstacle case designed by the us navy seals for>> she completed over the weekend in an effort to raise awareness against bullying. >> we are driving to the battlefield. >>reporter: if she weren't nine you think she was training for a military mission. she isn't getting ready to go to war, she has been training to compete in battle frog . this past saturday she completed the 24 hour obstacle race designed by us navy seals. she is the youngest to ever compete in this race. select if you wonder about the training and discipline it takes , she has been training for nine months, five days a week, three hours a day. >> i am just nervous but i am ready to do it but not ready to
6:51 am
leading a movement she called inspiration for the ipad generation. i don't want to because they don't believe in himself and >>reporter: she had been laid in school and decided to empower herself >> think the bullying the has died down because outlook is different from i used to be heavyset and i changed my life to be an example for her. she is an example for other kids mission accomplished. >>reporter: this is her first adult race she ran the spartan race with her dad and grandma last year crossing the finish line holding hands. a moment frozen in time emotional even for this nine- year-old. >> that was a special moment holding her hand. >> if i had heroes might daughter and my mom and >>reporter: dad did a great job
6:52 am
obstacles. great job. i am his vibrant -- i am inspired.
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good for her. there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow.
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it .
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locating katelyn king, 14, she was dropped off the renaissance middle school and never came home. she is 5'5" tall with black curly hair and brown eyes and was wearing beige uniform pants, gold speakers, white pillow uniform shirt and multicolor blouse. she is in need of medication. if you have seen her or know where she is called police but check miami family angry saying officers with 25 police department should not have open fire on their dog. adrian garcia says the officer showed up at his home looking for someone and his dog trolley reacted. garcia says the dog barked at ground that the officers but stopped. he says when the officer shot the dog a killed him. this is positions at best -- internal affairs of the city. donald trump will hold a press conference tonight in jupiter the trump national golf
6:56 am
bernie sanders will make a stop in miami. he will hold a rally at the knights of different struck nine people injured after a commuter train derailment and california. a rate -- tree fell on the tracks. jordan 40 passengers on board. south korea says it will sanction 40 individuals and 30 organizations and north korea as part at the unilateral measures following the north's recent nuclear test. north korea warned of preemptive strike in response to the start of us military drills. it is time with talking to joe joe. good morning. >> good morning.
6:57 am
>> we are doing amazing. >> don't forget the company.>> peyton manning's retirement speech. shout out to dan marino. but to do think?>>. manning and dan marino have always been close to 10 marino is very close to tom brady. they said they looked up to 10. yesterday was a pretty special day.. manning choked up you could see his love for the game, his respect for the game. it was the impressive. had to turn it off. it was impressive. he had a great career, a money making machine. one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play.>> very emotional guy. i am sure we will see more of him. thank you.
6:58 am
might work for cbs >> he can work with us. have a great day. one last look at the forecast. i think -- thanks to joe for joe about my pregnancy. i am not going any project. this baby needed to cook. alive view. high risk of recurrence. breezy to windy days. bad hair days continuing as we see the east breeze anywhere from 14 to 18 miles per hour. the next few days not much change in the high-pressure hanging on a providing warmer and windy conditions even as they head into the middle and latter part of the weaker highs in the low to mid 80s and then dealing with daylight saving
6:59 am
your other baby turned two years old? >> yes. >> accident only two lanes open on northbound drive for the express lanes are (they will be slower than usual i-95 northbound as your project often especially the accident on red road south of quote way injury accident blocking the road and the turnpike. get your free pancakes from ihop this morning. stick around for cbs this morning. good morning.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." a california commuter train derails into rushing water. rescuers race to get passengers out of the wreckage. donald trump launches new attacks after which advisers admit it was the worst weekend of his role. >> the first major american artist producing in cue back for more than 50 years. but we skbin today's "eye opener" with your world in 90 skojds. >> it slid for quite a while. i wasn't sure whether we were going to turn over or not. >> a train derails in california. >> no one was killed but you can see how serious it was. >> a vote for any other candidate is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for john kasich or ted cruz is a vote for donald trump. >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow?


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